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  1. Hello Attila,

    yes that would do the job (I have to remember subtract one from the totalizer though). But still I have such a feeling this is just emulation of counter by means of Logic analyzers Trigger.  According to WaveForms concept (set of laboratory devices in one software), i would suggest to add counter among devices in Welcome window.

    Thank You for the solution anyway.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Hello,

    i do not think so. I mean something like real counter. Real-life example:

    I want to test our device. I connect it to the pulse source (like gasmeter) in parallel with AnalogDiscovery2. The gasmeter is generating pulses. I go home and in the morning I would like to  see the same totalizer values both on AnalogDiscovery2 and our device.

    I think Your example would trigger reading of digital channel after 10k counts on DIO0.

    Best Regards


  3. Hello Attila,

    yes, i know, but this would only count pulses in current capture. I mean something like real counter, e.g. totalizer that could be triggered on some event and when it is running, it keeps counting edges/pulses,....

    I would appreciate it in my work very much since we are developpers of devices that count pulses from gasmeters. Today I use Analog Discovery 2 + Agilent counter, but it would be cool to have it all-in-one.

    Best Regards


  4. Dear support,

    I have two problems with Patterns (digital outputs generator). I have already sent similar post via Feedback option in WaveForms menu, but no answer has come.

    In both cases I need to generate burst of phase-shifted pairs of pulses (quadrature signals) which idles high.

    a) The signals measured on DIO differ from signals drawn by Patterns designer (see "Patterns_pulses_case" project).

    b) The phase of Patterns changes when using project with only one pair of outputs (see project "DIO0_DIO3_correct_phase") or with multiple pairs (project "ModulEXT1_DI test") while the outputs pattern configuration is identical.

    The scope signals in all projects are yellow= DIO0, blue=DIO3.


    Could You try to reproduce/explain a) and b), please?

    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely

    Ondrej Pokorny, ELGAS s.r.o.

    DIO0_DIO3_correct_phase.dwf3work ModulEXT1_DI test.dwf3work Patterns_pulses_case.dwf3work

  5. Hello,

    I would like to share my feedback/suggestions for WaveForms (3.10.9).

    1) I miss possibility to send UART data in hex format.

    2) I have not found any place to put notes (something like simple notepad). I use AnalogDiscovery2 for quite a complex developping and now I have to save project together with .txt file where I write a few sentences documenting project's connections, purpose, ....


    Thank You for considering.

    I am a big fan of AnalogDevices2 and Waveforms. It helps me a lot!

    Yours Sincerely




  6. Hello JColvin,

    since morning, calibration works like a charm.  No "Device is not communicating" anymore, although I believe I do everything the same way as before.


    The bad calibration results were caused by my mistake. In the second step (connecting both probes to AWG1) I connected them to yellow (unconnected) cable on BNC adapter board.


    I know it is hard to say, but I would be interested in Your oppinion on  "Device is not communicating" behaviour.

    Otherwise, it is done for me and I will hapilly keep unsing my Analog Discovery 2.


    Thank You

    Best Regards


  7. Hello,

    I cannot calibrate osciloscope. Calibration fails in the first step (connect P and N to GND) with something like "Device is not communicating". I have tried all recommended tips (changing USB, AUX supply, NO LIMITS mode).

    Once I have suceeded (and I cannot repeat it), went through calibration procedure and then both probes measured few kilovolts even when connected to GND. Restore to factory values fix it.

    Otherwise Analog Discovery works fine 😉.

    Thank You for hints.

    Best regards



    My setup:

    Analog Discovery 2 + WaveForms 3.10.9 running on Windows 7 SP1.