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  1. Hello Atilla, thank You very much for answer. That is exactly what I need! Best Regards Ondrej.
  2. Hello, I would like to share my feedback/suggestions for WaveForms (3.10.9). 1) I miss possibility to send UART data in hex format. 2) I have not found any place to put notes (something like simple notepad). I use AnalogDiscovery2 for quite a complex developping and now I have to save project together with .txt file where I write a few sentences documenting project's connections, purpose, .... Thank You for considering. I am a big fan of AnalogDevices2 and Waveforms. It helps me a lot! Yours Sincerely Ondrej
  3. Hello JColvin, since morning, calibration works like a charm. No "Device is not communicating" anymore, although I believe I do everything the same way as before. The bad calibration results were caused by my mistake. In the second step (connecting both probes to AWG1) I connected them to yellow (unconnected) cable on BNC adapter board. I know it is hard to say, but I would be interested in Your oppinion on "Device is not communicating" behaviour. Otherwise, it is done for me and I will hapilly keep unsing my Analog Discovery 2. Thank You Best Regards Ondrej
  4. Hello, I cannot calibrate osciloscope. Calibration fails in the first step (connect P and N to GND) with something like "Device is not communicating". I have tried all recommended tips (changing USB, AUX supply, NO LIMITS mode). Once I have suceeded (and I cannot repeat it), went through calibration procedure and then both probes measured few kilovolts even when connected to GND. Restore to factory values fix it. Otherwise Analog Discovery works fine 😉. Thank You for hints. Best regards Ondrej My setup: Analog Discovery 2 + WaveForms 3.10.9 running on Windows 7 SP1.