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  1. Thank You, attila. I have found solution myself (I have never been Java scriping :-) ), so I tried to take my question back- but not succesfully. Best Regards Ondrej.
  2. Hello, I am trying to get captured data from Logic DIO0 channel via script. I would expect array of 0 and 1. But getting all zeros (see picture attached). Where I go wrong? Thank You. Best Regards Ondrej
  3. Hello Attila, yes that would do the job (I have to remember subtract one from the totalizer though). But still I have such a feeling this is just emulation of counter by means of Logic analyzers Trigger. According to WaveForms concept (set of laboratory devices in one software), i would suggest to add counter among devices in Welcome window. Thank You for the solution anyway. Have a nice day! Ondrej
  4. Hello, i do not think so. I mean something like real counter. Real-life example: I want to test our device. I connect it to the pulse source (like gasmeter) in parallel with AnalogDiscovery2. The gasmeter is generating pulses. I go home and in the morning I would like to see the same totalizer values both on AnalogDiscovery2 and our device. I think Your example would trigger reading of digital channel after 10k counts on DIO0. Best Regards Ondrej
  5. Hello Attila, yes, i know, but this would only count pulses in current capture. I mean something like real counter, e.g. totalizer that could be triggered on some event and when it is running, it keeps counting edges/pulses,.... I would appreciate it in my work very much since we are developpers of devices that count pulses from gasmeters. Today I use Analog Discovery 2 + Agilent counter, but it would be cool to have it all-in-one. Best Regards O.Pokorny
  6. Hello, i cannot find a way how to count (digital) input pulses in WaveForms (+Analog Discovery 2). If it is not possible, I would suggest to include a new "instrument- Counter". I believe it would be very useful. Thank You for comments. Yours Sincerely Ondrej Pokorny
  7. Hello Attila, With 3.12.2 everything works fine. Thank You and wish You good health. Best Regards Ondrej.
  8. Dear support, I have two problems with Patterns (digital outputs generator). I have already sent similar post via Feedback option in WaveForms menu, but no answer has come. In both cases I need to generate burst of phase-shifted pairs of pulses (quadrature signals) which idles high. a) The signals measured on DIO differ from signals drawn by Patterns designer (see "Patterns_pulses_case" project). b) The phase of Patterns changes when using project with only one pair of outputs (see project "DIO0_DIO3_correct_phase") or with multiple pairs (project "ModulEXT1_DI test") while
  9. Hello Atilla, thank You very much for answer. That is exactly what I need! Best Regards Ondrej.
  10. Hello, I would like to share my feedback/suggestions for WaveForms (3.10.9). 1) I miss possibility to send UART data in hex format. 2) I have not found any place to put notes (something like simple notepad). I use AnalogDiscovery2 for quite a complex developping and now I have to save project together with .txt file where I write a few sentences documenting project's connections, purpose, .... Thank You for considering. I am a big fan of AnalogDevices2 and Waveforms. It helps me a lot! Yours Sincerely Ondrej
  11. Hello JColvin, since morning, calibration works like a charm. No "Device is not communicating" anymore, although I believe I do everything the same way as before. The bad calibration results were caused by my mistake. In the second step (connecting both probes to AWG1) I connected them to yellow (unconnected) cable on BNC adapter board. I know it is hard to say, but I would be interested in Your oppinion on "Device is not communicating" behaviour. Otherwise, it is done for me and I will hapilly keep unsing my Analog Discovery 2. Thank You Be
  12. Hello, I cannot calibrate osciloscope. Calibration fails in the first step (connect P and N to GND) with something like "Device is not communicating". I have tried all recommended tips (changing USB, AUX supply, NO LIMITS mode). Once I have suceeded (and I cannot repeat it), went through calibration procedure and then both probes measured few kilovolts even when connected to GND. Restore to factory values fix it. Otherwise Analog Discovery works fine 😉. Thank You for hints. Best regards Ondrej My setup: Analog Discovery 2 + WaveForms 3.10.9 runnin