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  1. Hi Ionut, Thank you for your information. I have done a lot of ways to make the good start condition but in vain. I can only get the good start condition when the SDA/SCL were configured to the PMOD interface of Xilinx KCU105 EVM board. I can not get the good start condition when the I2C SDA/SCL were configured to the FMC interface pins. Do you have any idea to fix the bad start condition? About your question : I found this issue during the i2c write/read test. For the i2c write operation, even though there is "bad" start condition, there is ack from the
  2. Hi Ionut, The 0x99 is the slave address 0x98 + 0x1 <- Read. The 0xFD is the sub address that driver is going to read. My read sequence is : Start --> Slave address (0x98) -> A(S) -> Sub address (0xFD)-> A(s) --> Start --> Slave address with Read bit set (0x99) The red marked is observed, and there is also the Start command symptom that you mentioned, but there are Ack from slave device. I will try to adjust the Timing. Thank you ~
  3. Hi sir, My driver try to access the register content of ADV7611 of the FMC-HDMI card by HDMI1_SDA and HDMI1_SCL. But there is no Ack from ADV7611 after the second slave address with LSB '1'. My driver runs on MicroBlaze core Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale KCU105 Evaluation Kit. Do you have any idea about the symptom? Thanks Best regards, Duncan Wu