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  1. @JColvin, is the library you used the latest 2019.1 release or master?
  2. Is there any further progress on this with SDK 2019.2? (I had the same problem in 2019.1)
  3. Hello @Ana-Maria Balas, I solved the issue above (I was actually using the wrong hardware platform folder, hence why none of the includes worked), but I've run into the same errors outlined in this thread, I'll try using 2019.2 (I'm on 2019.1 currently), then roll back to 2017.4 or 2016.4 as suggested
  4. Hello, I've been following the HTTP Server example project video ( However, after I copy the example code into my project folder, I get an error about including the DEIPcK header file. There are also several other errors about unresolved includes, but this is the first one I encountered. I've tried copying the PMOD_Wifi/src folder into my project folder, but include errors keep showing up. Any ideas?