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  1. Hi I just purchased LabVIEW Home Bundle. I have a old working NI USB 6001. It works with NI-MAX but I can't seem to get the LabVIEW Home Bundle to acquire data from the 6001.It appears that there is no way to acquire the USB device. The computer is a Dell Latitude E7440 running Windows 10. I checked the Functions/Express/Input folder. Is Home bundle simply dumbed down? I have a copy of LabVIEW 2013 on a old Samsung laptop running Windows 7 and in the same Functions/Express/Input folder there is a icon called DAQ Assist. DAQ Assist automatically sets up the connection for the USB device.. Is there any way to acquire data from an NI USB board using Home Bundle? My rocket club wants to use this to measure model rocket motor thrust on a small test stand we are building. Thanks, Rick