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  1. Hi J, As per your reference ( ) I used window's device manager to detect the AD2. Using a short cable and trying different USB ports windows did not detect the AD2. " - Nothing shows up: - Connect the device directly to the computer's USB plug without using external hub. - Try to use different USB cable and computer plug. The device or its plug might be damaged." Short of sending my AD2 to the recycler is there anything I can do to bring it back to life? thanks AD2user
  2. My AD2 gets a "No Device Detected" from Waveforms. It was working fine until I didn't disconnect the scope and wave gen from tube amplifier before powering down the amp. I tried the AD2 on a windows box and linux box and with different cables and in all cases the get the no device detected. Is there a reset switch or circuit protection switch I can do to get the AD2 working?