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  1. JColvin, I dont have hardware right now but I'll give it a try once I have it. Using the SPI or DSPI I would first have the microcontroller signal which device I want to talk to for exmaple Something like this? Thanks for all the help While Loop{ begin PmodAD5 Give me Data PmodAD5 Stop PmodAD5 begin Pmod SD Save data PmodSD Stop Pmod SD }
  2. Hello Is there any example on hoe to use the MX3kck with Pmod Ad5 and saving data to Pmod SD? I got them both working individually but having trouble getting them to work together. I pretty sure its something to do with the SPI or DSPI setups or calls. After I run this command which makes the SD selected " SD.begin(chipSelect_SD) " I can no longer get PmodAD5 data. How would I turn the Pmodad5 back on make it the active one? Whats an good way to get data from PmodAd5 and save it to Pmod SD at fast rates. Thanks for all the help Code below if you want to look at it PmodAD
  3. Thanks for your guys help The above link was was very useful.
  4. Hello, I have two questions 1) I wanted to change my Pmod AD5 sample rate from default ~6 samples/Sec to 4.8Ks/S. I know you have to use the AD7193.SetRegisterValue( , , , ) But having trouble understanding manual. 2) My input signal range is from 0 to 5v but the Pmod max range setting is +-2.5V. Can I shift my voltage setting range so I can input a 0to 5v signal? Thanks for your help
  5. Hello new to Digilent and PmodAD5, Looking for advice and help on picking right micro-controller or components to capture data coming out of PmodAD5. Background I want to capture data coming form Gyro (http://www.analog.com/en/products/mems/mems-gyroscopes/adxrs649.html#product-overview) with the the PmodAD5. Wanted to know what micro-controller you guys would recommend for this task. I am familiar with MSP430 launchpad and very familiar with Arduino. I just want to get something up and working to get familiar with PmodAD5. Any help wound be great Thanks