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  1. trian

    OV7670 and BASYS3

    Hello, I am trying to do chroma-keying using BASYS3. I want to take data from OV7670 and replace the green pixels with the pixels of an image previously loaded to block ram. However, I did not understand how can I capture only one frame like taking a picture with OV7670. I used the code here: (I am a newbie at FPGA)
  2. trian

    Basys3 Memory

    Thank you so much for your answers. Now at least I know what to look for. I am trying to do the green screen effect using BASYS3. I thought I can get the background image that will replace the green screen from a computer by the connection from UART but at first, I think I need to convert the image into a binary text file for BASYS3. Then, by the help of a camera (OV7670), I think I can get the foreground object's data. OV7670 already gives me 640x480 pixel image at most. So, by compressing the image (like 1 pixel for every 4 pixel), blockRAM should be enough I guess?
  3. trian

    Basys3 Memory

    For a project, I need to store the data comes from a camera and another data image from a laptop in Basys3. I am quite new at these stuff so I couldn't be sure if I can store both of them to make effects and combine them. Can I do it on Basys3? Can SPI Flash memory and SRAM based memory cells in it be used?