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  1. After doing the hands on linux tutorial for the Zybo I have some grasp on how to access custom IP in linx. However, I'm confused on how to access the three other registers that the IP core has in the demo. I know its using a file transaction to get the user data and write the data to the IP core register in the kernel space. Would I have to modify the kernel module source to parse the message and then do an IO write to a indicated register or do I have to write enough data to get to the desired register? Also how would I go about reading specific registers using the procfs method? (i.e. I want to write and read register 2 only).
  2. accel

    Zybo OOB Image

    I found it. The OOB image that came on my board is from the hands on linux tutorial for the Zybo. Now I just need to figure out how to combine all of the files from the tutorial into a .bin file and flash it to the QSPI on the board. I know how do it in petalinux projects but since the tutorial uses a different method of building the OS I guess I might have to change things.
  3. accel

    Zybo OOB Image

    I overwrote the out of the box image that was in the QSPI device on my Zybo and I would like to restore it so I can use it as a base of reference and a place to restore to if I mess up a linux build. However, I can't seem to find it on the product page or the wiki. Is the image available anywhere?