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  1. Thank you! To achieve these results I had to connect scope 1- (negative input) to W2 AND scope 1+ (positive input) to W1.
  2. Hello, I see in the manual that the WG has + and - supplies, though the supplies are limited to 5V. Is it possible to use both WG outputs in sync to do a ramp from -5 to +5V? I want to do a 0-10V sweep.
  3. Thanks @JColvin I will investigate the subject further with the information you have provided. Best, Marco
  4. Hello, I just bought 35 BASY3 FPGA boards for our Digital Systems class and need to install Vivado Design Suite in 30 computers. However I noticed during the installation process a window prompts on the "Select Installation Type" I have to enter USER ID and PASSWORD. I would like to know if there is a way around to having to create 30 accounts in order to install on 30 computers. I suppose I can try to install using 1 account on all 30 computers. Please help me with the best way to install Vivado Design Suite for my class. Thank you, Marco