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  1. Well I did get 1080p60 out to work so at least that they seem to be able to handle. Does that mean the transceiver pins are not broken out on the Arty A7?
  2. But two of the PMods of the Arty A7 are on the highspeed pins (I assume that means the transceivers), so shouldn’t I just be able to output my hdmi signal there (the way I already do it successfully with 1080p)
  3. @hamster why would neither work? The XCA75T has 8 6.6 Gb/s transceivers. Shouldn’t that be enough for 4k60 in and out? (4 transceivers each, one for each tmds pair). There is also this: shouldn’t that work on the Arty A7?
  4. So, does that mean no? in particular, are you saying that on the Arty Z7 the hdmi ports are not connected to the transceivers? So would I have better chances to succeed with the A7 and PMOD to HDMI adapters?
  5. I bought an Arty A7. Somewhat by mistake I have to admit as I must have overlooked the Z7, which seems more suitable fow what I want to do. i want to take a 4k60p hdmi signal, invert all color values and output the signal with sub-frame latency. with my A7 i managed to get this to work with [email protected] using improvised PMOD to HDMI adapters, but I don’t manage to get 4k60 to work. Now I wonder whether I should buy the Z7 or if neither of these boards is capable of doing that anyway. did someone get 4k60 hdmi to work with either board?