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  1. Hi @BogdanVanca, I am not able to choose reset output products or generate output products — they are both greyed out (illustrated in the attachment below). Best Regards, Tejna
  2. Hi, Thank you very much for the alternative approach to program the flash. I am now able to successfully boot Petalinux onto the Arty-S7 development board. Really appreciate all the help I have gotten through this forum in getting this to work. Thank you so much again! Tejna P.S: Just to mention, I did try the first approach again by trying to create a HDL wrapper as mentioned above, but was getting an error (illustrated in the attached screenshot)
  3. Hi, Thank you so much for the above clarification. Now I am able to successfully open the project in Vivado, but getting the following error as mentioned below (screenshot attached): [BD 41-1665] Unable to generate top-level wrapper HDL for the BD-design 'system.bd' is locked. Locked reason(s): * Block design contains locked IPs. Please run report_ip_status for more details and recommendations on how to fix this issue. List of locked IPs: system_PWM_0_0 Initially I was trying the project with the Vivado WebPACK edition, I got the same error mentioned above. Since Digilent recommends using the Vivado Design edition, I guessed maybe that was what was causing the error (because of the edition mismatch — project was built using Vivado Design). I uninstalled the WebPACK and have installed Vivado Design edition. I am using Vivado 2017.2, same as the one mentioned in the README. I tried the whole procedure again with Vivado Design edition (2017.2) but still no luck — The same error is popping up. Please let me know how I can rectify this. Thank you, Tejna
  4. I am getting the following error when I try the tcl command source ./create_project.tcl (shown in the screenshot below). When I look into other Digilent github demo projects folders, I am able to find the create_project.tcl file within the proj folder. But this is not available for the Petalinux-Arty-S7-50 project (screenshot attached below). I have tried to look for this as suggested in the Using Digilent Github Demo Projects and How to Generate a Project from Digilent's Github Repository (Legacy) articles but was not able to find the required tcl script file (create_project.tcl) within the Petalinux-Arty-S7-50 project folder. Please let me know how I can go about this issue. Thank You, Tejna
  5. Hi, I am having trouble getting the project to open up in Vivado. I am aware how to export the hardware from Vivado to SDK, but in order to do that I was not able to open the project in Vivado. I tried looking for the .xpr file within the Petalinux-Arty-S7-50 project, but was unsuccessful in finding it. I have attached a screenshot of an example program that I had worked on previously, here I was using the myAdder.xpr file to open the pre-existing project (just an example to show the .xpr file). I am not able to find such a .xpr file for the Petalinux-Arty-S7-50 project (illustrated in the attached screenshot below). I have checked all the subfolders within the project — any help on how I can open the Petalinux-Arty-S7-50 project in Vivado would be highly helpful. Thank You, Tejna
  6. Thank you so much for updating the project. I am now successfully able to build and create the boot.mcs file. Now that the .mcs file is created and I have to program the flash on Arty-S7, I am facing issues while trying to load the image using the Xilinx tools->Program Flash feature as mentioned in the README document. I have attached a screenshot of the pop-up error message I am receiving when I try to do the above. I am guessing this is because we first need to open our existing project in Vivado and export the hardware to SDK, before programming the flash. However I am unable to find the .xpr file in the project folder that I have cloned from github, in order to open it in Vivado. Could you please suggest me where I can find the .xpr file or how I could proceed from this step in order to be able to use the Program Flash feature of Xilinx SDK. Thank you so much, Tejna
  7. @[email protected] Sure Dan will do Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hi, I am working on Petalinux to get it running on Arty S7-50 Digilent Board, and am following the Petalinux Support for Digilent Boards README. I am currently using Petalinux 2017.2 installer and Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows). I have successfully installed Petalinux and have completed all the steps mentioned in README until Build the petalinux project. The petalinux-config --oldconfig command was successful but when I run the petalinux-build command I am getting the following errors listed in the attached screenshot. I have tried looking up the same online, but did not get the clarity on what is causing the error or how I can rectify it — from the line below I see that it is trying to access a folder named "mitchellorsucci" which does not exist on the PC. I am new to petalinux, any idea on where I could be going wrong would be highly helpful. PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/mitchellorsucci' ls: cannot access '/home/mitchellorsucci/artys/Petalinux-Arty-S7-50/Arty-S7-50/build/tmp/log/cooker/plnx_microblaze': No such file or directory Thank you, Tejna
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to Digilent forum and looking forward to learning and sharing on this platform. I am an FPGA enthusiast and currently working on Petalinux. Cheers, Tejna