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  1. Can you tell me more about how to start? I try to read ADV7611 data sheet and create a small vivado project to test it now.
  2.,1095,1297&Prod=FMC-HDMI I bought this one.
  3. Dear sirs, I have just bought a new HDMI-FMC from digilent. I wanna to connect it to zedboard (Zynq ZC702) to read real-time video and display. The diagram likes: HDMI camera --> FMC --> Zedboard --> HDMI output --> Screen. But, there is not any reference design for that. I found FMC has 2 HDMI input port, one uses ADV7611 and another uses AD8195. Can you give me some advices about the reference design or architecture that I can use to solve that work. Thank you very much! Delfy