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  1. xinx_92

    Arty S7 with Simulink

    Thanks for your Reply! I figured out how to Import my Matlab models in Vivado. My question is now, is there a tutorial somewhere how to find out how to use vivado. To set and configure the Input and Output layout of the Pins for example?
  2. xinx_92

    Arty S7 with Simulink

    Hello there, I´m not really new to FPGA because I'm used to program Xilinx FPGAs via System Generator on dSpace platforms. However I'm really new with out-of-the-box FPGA programming. I got myself an ARTY S7 development kit and i figured maybe it's also "easy" to deploy my Simulink models via Systems Generator on These FPGAs. But unfortunately I have no idea where to start. Does someone of you guys have experience with deploying Simulink models out of Vivado System Generator to the ARTY S7 board? Thanks in advance