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  1. Hello @JColvin, Thank you for your reply. I have seen all those examples and i am successfully using pmodeWifi with my Zedboard by one of your post also i developed additional functionalities using C/C++ in SDK . I have develop my own network and communicate between Zedboard, Desktop(with Wifi adepter) and Android device. Recently i orderd Cora z7 and pmodeESP32. Usally i test my design before i ordere board but in Cora z7 after i ordered i come to know that i have to select Cora z0-7s board instead of Cora Z-10 but you give me the correct solution. so that is very helpful for me Apart from that i want some more infromation about PmodeWifi Send and Receive Time calculation live example because in one of my research project i have to send 5000 bytes within 10ms or less. I know the pmodeWifi standard datarate is 1 and 2 mbps but i need standard c or c++ code to validate speed. Thanks and ragards, Satvik Patel
  2. Hello @JColvin, Thank you somuch for your humble reply and appriciate for that. Actually I have nodelocked permanent licent of vivado but my licence Version limit is 2016.05. I have one question is if i use Cora z7-07s in webpack version of Vivado 2017.4 then i can use all its functionality? I mean i will going to add PmodeWifi to Cora z7-07s in design project and run my server on sd card so all that i can do with webpack version of vivado because i never used webpack since i had licence. Thanks and ragards, Satvik Patel
  3. Hello everyone, I am working on zynq FPGA systems and curruntly i start working on Cora z7-07s board but when i add board file in vivado 2015.4 of Cora z7-10 and Cora z7-07s then cora z7-10 is successfully recognize and i can see in boards tab but Cora z7-07s is not appear also i can not find the part XC7Z007S-1CLG400C in part tab. The screenshot is attached. While installing Vivado i make sure that i select zynq 7000 series part to install. Even i install vivado 2016.1 but same problem in that also.
  4. Hello @JColvin, I have same type of problem but in my vivado 2015.4 Cora Z7-10 is showing but Cora Z7-07S is not appear even i selected the zynq 7000 chip while installation still the xcz007s part also not appear. Thanks and Regard satvik