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  1. 5 minutes ago, zygot said:

    About 20 MB to less than 1 MB depending on OS and format. Digilent has a nice GUI configuration tool for Windows but not for Linux.

    Is this just the GUI and not the necessary FPGA programming portions? 

  2. does anyone know if diligent supplies Blu-rays with Adept 2 on for an offline installer or maybe a program i could use to take what I download for Adept 2 and make an offline installer for that? 

  3. i might have to, it is hard to download anything with the internet computers since network security is a max priority. Would you know about the general size of the files? 



  4. The computer i need to install Adept 2 on can never touch the internet as it is a lab computer and is never allowed on the network. So i must find a offline installer to install the entire program on the computer via CD/DVD.