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  1. DanK

    Genesys 2 SD card slot

    Thanks @[email protected]! This turned out to be something really dumb: Vivado hooked up MOSI/MISO backwards. I am not entirely sure where it got the pin assignments from. Anyway, I fixed the pins and now CMD0 passes and now I have to figure out why CMD8 is failing... much better problem to have.
  2. DanK

    Genesys 2 SD card slot

    Hello, Does anyone have a working example for using the SD card slot on the Genesys 2? I am trying to use SPI mode and I am not getting a response to CMD0. I just noticed that according to the docs I should be driving "SD_RESET" low to power the card. I am not doing this, but the card still receives power. Is it possible that the PIC24 is still trying to use the SD card slot?
  3. I figured out how it's supposed to work! When you add the MIG IP block, "Run Block Automation" pops up in the designer assistance area. When you click on that, it gives you the option of pulling in the configuration from "mig.prj". If you double click on the block now, it brings up the MIG GUI and you can make changes to the defaults provided by "mig.prj". ...and yes, the pin selection is going to be there!
  4. Hello, I have a Genesys 2 board, and I want to use the DDR3 interface on it. I created a new project and I selected the Genesys 2 board as the target. The board files were automatically installed by Vivado, and I verified that "mig.prj" is installed. I also created a block design and added a "Memory Interface Generator (MIG 7 Series)" IP block in it. I was under the impression that I should be able to just click through the customization and all settings should be pre-populated with values from "mig.prj". This is not the case, and I don't want to manually select all pins used for the DDR3. I am running Vivado 2019.1 on Ubuntu Linux. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to tell MIG to use the existing prj file? Thanks, Dan K