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  1. when you say D-PHY physical layer do you mean resistor R46 to R56 in page 2 of Zybo Z7 Schematic ( ?
  2. Hi @JColvin. Thanks for your replay. I was looking into Zybo schematics and Zybo XADC are routed as differential pair (as High Speeds PMODs) and XADC goes into FPGA bank 35 (as MIPI connection in Zybo Z7). Even I do not use XADC for MIPI connection, since I can not meet all electrical requirements, I do not understand yet why cannot I use XADC in some LVDS interface (including LVDS_25) ? When you mention that PMODs in Zybo are tied to 3.3V, I did not see any difference in Zybo Z7 schematic that make me figure out these differences and why can not use LVDS_25 in Zybo. Where is the differen
  3. Is it possible to connect PCAM 5C into Zynq-7000 through a XADC pmod (using some adapter)? Is there any tutorial, example and or suggestions how to do that?