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  1. Hello again, thank you for your kind and helpful response, @Bogdan! Yet, at first I didn't manage to get RGB to work so I used grayscale images. And to be less prone to errors I implemented everything with cv functions. This enabled me getting everything else to work properly. Now I would like to succeed on using RGB and xf, with a little help... My next step: Read camera as RGB and look, if my cv code can handle it. Goal: v4l2 data --> rgbpxl_t* --> read_input_rgb() --> xf::Mat --> cv::Mat Question 1: How to get the v4l2 data as rgbpxl_t* such that
  2. Hi everyone, Hardware: Zybo Z7-20, PCam 5C, sd card Software: SDSoC 2017.4, reVISION platform for Zybo Z7-20 (release, v2017.2-3) The “Simple Filter2d Live I/O demo for Pcam5C” is perfectly working (following the readme in reVISION download archive). This code is the starting point for my application. My C++ skills are far from expert level and also quite rusty. I’m developing a live video application for my master thesis. The current step is to implement motion detection. The (simple) concept is to compute the difference between a background image a