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  1. It seem that this issue was caused by not closing device via SDK properly. If I stop my python script prematurely without calling "dwf.FDwfDeviceClose(AD2)", it can't connect to AD2 next time. If I reselect DD in WF Device manager, AD2 works via SDK again. Strange but true...
  2. Hello, I'm trying to use DD in WF as logic analyzer connected to the outputs of my DUT. And at the same time I send test signals to the DUT inputs using AD2 DIO via Python SDK. In python I'm getting an error "b'The device is being used by another application SERC: 0x3E9\nDevice programming failed.\n'" If I select "DDiscovery DEMO" in WF, python script works fine. Is this kind of setup supported? It would be nice to have power of WF visualization and flexibility of SDK at the same time.
  3. @attila, thank you for your quick reply and fixes. Yes, name column in Cursor View will do the job. And please make it scroll to the cursor timestamp when cursor is clicked in the Cursor view.
  4. I have been a DDiscovery user for almost half a year. It is a great tool for signal capture and analysis and it is bundled with WaveForms software which is also very good and stable. I could not resist buying AD2 for analog projects since I saw the potential of WF+AD2. Based on my experience I have a few issues and new feature suggestions for WaveForms (latest beta). Issues: Logic: While clicking thru events, "Base" value changes from event to event, while it could be more convenient if it stays the same (to compare relative length of pulses). Logic: When "Base" is low, t
  5. Ok, got it. Does it make sense then to implement "Data Compression" for DD as it was done for AD2? Because my device operates mostly in idle mode with short bursts of data exchange. As I understand, the "Sync" mode can be used for this purpose. DD will fill it's buffer only when Enable signal is active while data will be transmitted to WF during idle state.
  6. Thank you for the answer. Do I take it right that it is not possible even using WF SDK to record more than one buffer size holds without skipping at high sample rates (more than 1Mhz at 32bit)? Can you please clarify the example I mentioned (20s of samples at 20Mhz in 16x400Mhz)? If I use SDK, is it possible without sample skipping?
  7. Hi, I'm a new DD user. WaveForms beta 3.11.25 (Windows 10) and 3.11.24 (Mac OS) 1. I have noticed that if I change acquisition mode in Logic Analyzer, manual order of bits in Bus got rearranged. 2. Is it possible to capture data for more than "base" amount of time in Record mode? For example, I would like to capture 20s of samples at 20Mhz in 16x400Mhz config for further analysis. My expectations for Record mode were that DD streams captured samples via USB to WaveForms using DD's large 256M buffer as FIFO. So I thought the capture time would be limited only by PC memory si