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  1. Yes. 1) I tried to connect with agent, but not connected 2) I chose the device to load a latest F/W but this did not work. 3) So, I set to 'other' version and selected 'OpenLoggerMZ-1.3.0.hex' downloaded from reference center 4) I set the logger into boot mode (keep pushing Prog button during I push a Reset button) Red LED blinking. 5) After I push 'FLASH SELECTED FIRMWARE' button, the progress bar goes to up to 100% and shows 'Successful!' 6) I reboot a device and tried to connect, but still do not work.
  2. Is there any way to fix this? or, I want refund or change to new one. I even could not connected to any devices to monitor...
  3. No, I'll try this after the board get works. Thank you, Vincentiu. My OpenLogger MZ still can't enter into normal mode. (Yellow lamp on)
  4. Hi @AndrewHolzer I bought OpenLogger last wek for project, and It happened my 1st day using. During configuration, Once I connected Logger to WiFi, but soon I deleted the setting. I had a problem with logging to SD card with standalone operation. The log file kept 0B even I turned on 10 minutes. I set 'Log on Boot' flag and ' Log to 'SD' , and saved settings to a new profile. So, I tried to change other settings over and over, then this happened Sincerely. TKMoon
  5. Hi My OpenLogger stopped with Orange LED turn on. This means 'Device is booting and not ready to use. ( I manually re-downloaded firmware to v1.3.0 but still stopped during booting. ( I connected putty to check a booting message, and it was as following ( Error A000001B happens during booting. How Can I solve thie AutoConnect fail? Sincerely.