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  1. Dear Attila, please can you tell me the use of the following function: FDwfAnalogOutNodeFrequencySet when using a custom generated signal? and what is the relation of the frequency set here and the buffer size? thank you ssm
  2. Is there a way to supply portions equal to the buffer size consecutively in a loop? if so, is there a sample code I can look at? thank you again for continuous help
  3. thank you Attila for the reply, I did not understand the "stretched part", does that mean some points are going to be lost when using a number larger than the available buffer size? ssm
  4. thank you for the reply, probably I have to use the 16k buffer configuration, what if I have more samples in the file than the buffer size? is there a way to pass the samples to the Wave Channel with rate > 1M. For instance a loop to pass the samples out in 4k portions. in the GUI interface, when importing a file it says the "Count" (please see attached), is there an equivalent setting when using c code? Another issue, if I need to use the scope as well, do I have to use FDwfAnalogIO* functions or I can work with the FDwfAnalogIn and FDwfAnalogOut separately? thank you for the help
  5. Dear Help, I am trying to generate a custom signal, the values are stored in a file. I am trying to use the following function: FDwfAnalogOutNodeDataSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, rgdSamples, 4096); so the rgdSamples are taken from the file and passed to the function, is there a limit on the number of samples. I assume it has to match the buffer size? but then what is the buffer size? The number of samples taken from the file can vary, so in case this number is higher than the buffer size, I will supply the samples in parts. is there a code sample for that? if not would you give me any remarks or comments on this, thank you ssm
  6. Hi attila, thank you again for the continuous help, does diligent have a board similar to AD2 with higher sampling rate than 100M? thank you ssm
  7. Hi Attila, thank you again for the great help, I am reading a noisy weak signal, and I need this noise, I will call this Signal: S + deltaS. deltaS being the noise from the signal S itself. Now the problem is that the AD2 board might have its own noise, call that deltaAD2 , and it might had that to the total noise. So the total signal is: S + deltaS + deltaAD2 if my assumptions above are correct, is there a way using the noise buffer or calibration to separate/remove the deltaAD2 from the signal while keeping deltaS intact? thank you for the help ssm
  8. thank you again for the help, Is there a way to read the binary data from the scope, or from the ADC directly? I need to read the actual binary data produced by the ADC before converting to decimal values. In other words, reading the buffer contents filled by the ADC directly as zeros and ones, thanks ssm
  9. thank you for the great help, I noticed when I use the scope in Waveforms interface, I can see the Noise checkbox both under the Options panel and under the Channel 1/2 panel, this is used for filtering the noise I presume, In my work, I do not want to filter the noise, I need the noise to stay in the signal so I usually untick the Noise checkbox, Is there something equivalent to that in the c++ coding? is there a way to switch off filtering? thank you ssm
  10. thank you Attila for the help, I am trying to generate a pulse using FDwfAnalogOutNodeFunctionSet but I did not find a function for that like funcSine, is there a way to do that other than customizing a square wave? the length of the pulse is variable calculated in the code.
  11. Hi Attila, I am trying to find the dwf library and link it when compiling using g++ under Mac iOS. please can you tell me where I can find it for Mac? thank you I already checked the forum:
  12. ok, thank you again for the reply, is there a way to increase the number of samples while keeping the rate >2M? basically I am trying to find a way to read samples at higher than 2MHz (up to 50MHz) with number of samples to be 16Ms. for instance, can I use the scripting or SDK with the Repeated scope mode and save chunks of 16k continuously into a file? Is there an example on how to configure the scope to do that? I am looking at the SDK Cpp files trying to construct the script. Note that I do not mind the discontinuity between the 16k chunks due to the time taken to send to USB and save the data thank you again, I appreciate the help
  13. thank you for the reply and the helpful info