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  1. thank you Attila for the help, I am trying to generate a pulse using FDwfAnalogOutNodeFunctionSet but I did not find a function for that like funcSine, is there a way to do that other than customizing a square wave? the length of the pulse is variable calculated in the code.
  2. Hi Attila, I am trying to find the dwf library and link it when compiling using g++ under Mac iOS. please can you tell me where I can find it for Mac? thank you I already checked the forum:
  3. thank you for the reply, I will try that
  4. ok, thank you again for the reply, is there a way to increase the number of samples while keeping the rate >2M? basically I am trying to find a way to read samples at higher than 2MHz (up to 50MHz) with number of samples to be 16Ms. for instance, can I use the scripting or SDK with the Repeated scope mode and save chunks of 16k continuously into a file? Is there an example on how to configure the scope to do that? I am looking at the SDK Cpp files trying to construct the script. Note that I do not mind the discontinuity between the 16k chunks due to the time taken to send to USB and save the data thank you again, I appreciate the help
  5. thank you for the reply and the helpful info
  6. Hi, I am new to the AD2 board, and I am doing the following: Experiment: using the scope in waveforms to read in data at a sampling rate 2M and higher, and number of collected samples is 16M. I am using Mac OS. problem: when I use rate to be 2M, the reading of the samples is dropping after saving about 12M samples, so I either get around 12M samples only or the 4M left are saved as zeros. Increasing the rate increases the problem. Questions: - is this a USB problem? if it is, is there a way to go around the USB? using another board or module - is this a buffer size problem? I am putting the number of buffers to be 1K, and the scope setting to be 2x16K - although the board specs say I can get up to 100M rate, is there a way to that practically? thank you for your time,