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  1. Hello JColvin, Sorry, for the late response. I didn't see the additional resources, but just looked at it, looks good. I have another question about the Pmod MTDS touch screen. Can I use the v_osd IP block (Video on Scree Display) to connect to the touch screen? Thank you, Bill
  2. Hello Bianca, I'm more interested in creating my own application than following the example as I'm planning to do something a little different. Does Diligent provide a detailed data sheet for the camera? I found a data sheet, but it doesn't provide information on what the vectors should be for the input data from the camera to the DPY. I'm only planning to follow the example to including the PHY, and csi to RX. Will I need to use the linux driver to command the camera for using SDK? I was planning to write all the SDK code in C. Thank you, Bill_H
  3. Hello, I have the pinout for the Pcam5c and was wondering if anyone knows if it connects to the MIPI_csi2_rx_subsyst IP in Vivado? In the Digilent document for the board it defines signals as Lane 1, Lane 2, and CSI-2 clock and in the IP it's listed data_hs, and data_ip. Can anyone provide a map between these two naming conventions? Thank you, Bill_H