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  1. I got the impression that ADI developed the new parts kit, based on the wiki you provided - and the 'sounds very much like an ADI part number' part number. Either way, thought you should be aware. The photo I posted shows the adapters that have this defect, though maybe you can't read the part numbers due to the poor quality of my photo. But I can make out the silk screen pin numbers in the photos on your web site. The DIP adapters are; AD22151, AD5626, AD7920, AD8210, AD8226, AD8542, ADTL082, LTC1541, The remaining few adapters seem to be ok, but I'd double check.
  2. I checked the pin mapping and most all of the ICs have pins mapped backwards. This is an issue because the pin assignment of most adapters in this kit (regardless of which IC is installed) do not adhere to the industry standard for DIP (Dual Inline Package) foot prints. This can lead to lots of confusion and possibly damage of components. It is particularly a problem with opamps, because standard pin assignments exist for both single and dual opamps, and they are widely followed. A user might be inclined to plug the ADTL082 from this kit into another circuit with DIP footprint, expecti
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I checked your storefront earlier today and agree that all of the new ingredients appear to be properly listed - though I didn't check each one in detail. The only thing that needs to be updated is the photo of the box containing the kit. I'll try to check later today to determine whether this issue (adapter pin mapping) exists on other adapters in the new kit. I'll post my findings later. I'm also working with Jarrell to find out who selects the components for this kit (thanks for the link to the Wiki). I've built a lab component (using mostly Dig
  4. Hi Bianca, Thanks for the response. The image you show is from the ADTL082 adapter from the previous Analog Parts Kit, and is what I would like to have ordered. I used this kit and adapter previously and it worked great. Unfortunately, your new Analog Parts Kit (ADALP2000) not only has different ingredients, but different adapters. I've attached photos of the two different kits. I'm guessing you grabbed an adapter from the old kit. I've also included a photo of the ADTL082 adapter from the new kit. The adapter is shown plugged into the provided breadboard and you can see th
  5. I just noticed the pin assignment used on the (SMT to DIP) adapter for the ADTL082 opamp contained in the new Analog Parts Kit. I see the opamp pins are mapped to the DIP adapter in the following manner Opamp Adapter 1 8 2 7 3 6 4 5 5 4 6 3 7 2 8 1 I'm just wondering why you hate us? I'm teasing, but you do realize this defeats the standardized footprint for a dual opamp package - right? Thanks