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  1. Thank you, Mr. Colvin; I will probably be purchasing the kit in the near future, thanks to your technical support. I am just looking for other items at the digilent store that will make this kit worth the shipping cost. Again, I would like to thank you for your technical support. It was your efforts that caused this future purchase to be made. I left the datasheet (PDF) file for future individuals who have questions about the kit. Thank you again for your efforts. PMOD n25q_256mb_3v.pdf
  2. Hi, I purchased an Avnet Zedboard and I would like to purchase this product, among others, from Digilent: Pmod SF3: 32 MB Serial NOR Flash I would like to know if this Pmod comes with any software support? If the answer is yes, can you link me to a tutorial? Thank you.
  3. Dear Mr. Fatu: Thank you for your reply. I do not know exactly what you meant when you wrote: "IP are not mentioned in the xdc file". Everyone knows that when you create a design, an external port will most likely be created, therefore, the connection between the IP and the xdc file has to be made. When one refers to a Vivado version changing and "upgrading IP" this usually corresponds to a cost to the user (if you know of a "free" way to upgrade my IP, I am all ears). The upgrade cost that I am aware of is "steep." I avoided
  4. Dear Mr. Fatu; I would like to thank you for your thoughtful post. You defined the problem and I will try to re-define the problem in a manner that can be easily understood by someone who has no prior experience with Xilinx FPGA software products. The hardware board designer (either, Avnet or Digilent, corp.) has the problem that with each annual change in the Xilinx Vivado version, new IP blocks inserted. This means that every year since the IP block port names usually change, this will correspond to a change that has to be made in the *.XDC file that is i
  5. Dear Mr. Colvin; I would like to thank you for your reply. When someone purchases a new product they expect the product to work out of the box. When I made my purchase of my zedboard, the person whom I corresponded with on the installation and set up of a working Vivado & SDK system did not stress the importance of the *.XDC file. When I attended college I was trained on a different Xilinx system, therefore, Vivado and *.XDC was new to me. I completed some introductory labs but I later discovered that the *.XDC file is critical to getting some labs t
  6. Hi, Bianca; My apologies for a belated reply. Since no one replied to my original post for a long time, I forgot about the post. I found this post again by accident. I need to get a copy of the old *.XDC file for Vivado 2013.4. There is a significant change from the Vivado versions from year to year. Program that will work in Vivado 2013.4 will not work in Vivado 2014.4. The changes from year to year are not trivial. It appears that management at Xilinx corp. did not make efforts to make Vivado packages compatible. If you coul
  7. I own an Digilent Avnet Zedboard (Zynq 7000 EPP, 7Z020 CLG 484-1, Revision D). This is an older version of the zedboard. Can anyone upload the master *.XDC file for this specific board? I looked at the master *.XDC files available at this website and I believe that it is incompatible with my specific development kit. Is Silica Avnet, Xilinx, or Digilent, supposed to make this file available to the public. I checked the website, GitHub, however, it appears that the file is missing. The correct file should match, (or be very similar to), the file made reference to on page 34 of the