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  1. rgc

    CMOD A7 - SHA204

    Thank you, Cristian and zygot. I understand. I just wanted to use the 204 to replace an LFSR-based random generator to get a better distribution without using FPGA resources. I think it'd be a good idea to remove it from the schematic, and the xdc file to avoid confusion and wasted time... spent a day talking to a non-existant chip 😂 No design is perfect, but I do think the CMOD A7 and Nexys are great products. Cheers!
  2. rgc

    CMOD A7 - SHA204

    Thank you. Just wondering, if you do not encourage to use it on specific application, what is it exactly there for? Best
  3. rgc

    CMOD A7 - SHA204

    Hello, Thanks. Not sure what you mean, I see the ATSHA2 0 4A-MAHCZ-T in the CMOD A7 schematics, and xdc. Mind to expand?
  4. rgc

    CMOD A7 - SHA204

    Hello Folks, I'm trying to use the ATSHA204A in the CMOD-A7 as a high-quality random number generator. However, the interfacing is by design limited to the single-wire (SCL is grounded), and I'm having trouble making it work. Is there an application note or reference anywhere? Thanks in advance. /rgc
  5. rgc

    CMOD A7 Programming w/o Vivado

    Thank you JColvin, I checked the Adept software, and as it allows to upload a .bit file I used it to load a .bit bootloader, which writes into the flash via SPI. It's somehow convoluted (as it requires delivering two files) but it's functional. Thanks again, /rgc
  6. rgc

    CMOD A7 Programming w/o Vivado

    Thank you [email protected] and xc6lx45, I'll peek in those alternatives. The use case is that the builders would buy their CMOD A7 themselves, then flash them, so flashing a bootloader isn't an option. Hopefully I can manage some of the JTAG loaders to work via USB. Best!
  7. Hello folks, I'm creating a DIY project based on the CMOD A7 (a MIDI Synthesizer). As I did it with other boards, I would like to have the builders to download the memory binary file, and do the flashing themselves in their CMOD A7. However, I couldn't find a way to do that without forcing them to install Vivado. In other FPGA boards I've done similar projects, there's some small flashing utility that can be used. Does that kind of utility exist for the CMOD A7? Thank you.