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  1. Hi @zygot Thank you I will definitely follow your advice and looking for your help Best Regards Uzmeed
  2. Hi @zygot Thank you so much for an encouraging reply In fact my instructor dint ask me to make this project . Taking an opportunity of studying this course I myself requested my instructor to learn microblaze programming ( i had been doing HDL for years , but never went for microblaze) He asked me to see initially how I can go about. For understanding fixed point signed binary, bit growth , synchronization of different modules I have simulated the entire code and its working well I will be looking forward for your further help Best Regards uzmeed
  3. @[email protected] My task is to write a code that can calculate the eigen value decomposition of a 3x3 matrix Infact that is not exactly the ALU . I need to perform multiplication addition and subtraction along with cordic square root and arctan So I named it as ALU I need to do the following k = −(a b c) l = ab bc ac−f2 −e2 −d2 m = af2 −abc−2fde be2 cd2 p =− 1 /3k2 l, q = 2/ 27k3 − 1/ 3lk m along with cordic function Following is the block is the block diagram that needs to be implemented in microblaze Best Regards
  4. Hi I am new to microblaze. I have to design an efficient ALU using microblaze in Nexys 4 Anyone can guide through me the procedure ( I know the general guide line) and refer any document to do it Regards Uzmeed