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  1. Thank you for your views. When I got this FPGA board I was not even aware of the fact that through the Vivado software you can create things without writing any HDL at all, but yes my plan is to start by studying/learning VHDL or Verilog. This is all mostly having fun with stuff but once I had gotten the FPGA I thought that perhaps it would be nicer to digitize the signals as soon as possible and do the multiplication in a processor or circuits in the FPGA since then I could multiply two sine-waves instead of 1 sine-wave and 1 square wave as would be the case if I did the multiplication with analog parts(I know that it is possible to make a analog multiplier for sine-waves but that is far beyond me).
  2. Hello. My name is David and I have an enthusiastic interest for electronics though couldn't call my self anything more than a hobbyist. Somehow I have found myself buying a Arty A7-35 FPGA board and am now trying to learn how to use FPGA's in my projects. Teaching my self(with a lot of help from the internet of course) to program microcontrollers was hard but teaching my self to program FPGA's feels even more overwhelming. First I need to learn a lot of stuff but as far as projects goes my first goal is to utilize the FPGA in the design of a dual-phase lock-in amplifier, to be used to measure complex impedance. Regards