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  1. @malexanderjust wanted to update that I was able to detect my Zynq device using Xilinx Platform cable (DLC10). Now my HS3 cable seems to be detected by Vivado and Adept but still doesn't detect my Zynq device.
  2. @JColvin Ok. So after long time I am back to working on this issue of HS3 not detecting my Zynq device on Snickerdoodle black SoC board. I tried your suggestions by plugging the flywire that’s coming out of J2 directly into the pins on the HS3 and reducing TCK but it still fails to detect my device. "I suspect removing RN9 would solve the problem and allow you to communicate with the Zynq through the JTAG-HS3 but I think you should contact krtkl about JTAG functionality over header J2 prior to modifying your board." @malexanderI also asked Krtkl about your suggestions and they s
  3. Thanks for reply @malexander and @zygot. II will try and come back on this. Got busy somewhere else for now
  4. @JColvin Hi. Thanks for the reply. I tried to directly connect flywires to the jtag cable thereby halving the wire length. Also changed jtag frequency to 10 MHz. I also tried all other frequencies. However the problem persists and my FPGA device is still not detected. I get the same error as before:
  5. I recently purchased Digilent HS3 JTAG cable and wanted to configure PL of Zynq Z7020 device on a custom FPGA board called Snickerdoodle black My overall setup is as follows: Software: Windows 7, Digilent Adept latest, Vivado 2018.2 with cable drivers installed Board files of my fpga board installed My Zynq FPGA board can boot Ubuntu 16.04 Linux flashed onto an SD card and I can also connect to Wifi through it. Can connect to my FPGA board over USB-UART serially through teraterm The board doesn't have the standard 14-pin Xilinx JTAG connector por