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  1. @zygot So I spent some time looking 'under the hood' on the TCP/IP protocol and the lwip library and from what I read, I needed a Server and a Client. Then I looked at an example (iperf client) that is given and I adjusted that example to my application and was able to transmit data from a client to the server. So for now, I am sending TCP packets from the client to the server. My next step is to have the communication line be bidirectional and hopefully build some type of front-end website for my application. If I need more help, I will be making another post. Thanks!
  2. @zygot Thanks for the update. What I am trying to build on top of is the 'Echo Server Example' which uses the Zynq IP on Vivado and the TCP connection and data transfer is done on the SDK via the LWIP library. I think this is a good example to build off of for me. Do I gotta change anything on the Vivado design to get this to work? [see attached pic] My assumption is that the IP design is done and all the changes needed are on the SDK part of project.
  3. So I have the artyz7-20 and I want to send data via ethernet using the lwip library to another board (zc706). How do I go about doing this? I have successfully tested the 'echo server' example on both boards. Can any one guide me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.