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  1. Hi, I'm writing some data to a slower SPI slave device using a WaveForms script. It's working well at slow clock speeds. However, the device specs indicate it needs a small (8usec or more) delay between bytes at higher SPI clock speeds. Is there a simple way to add such a delay with the existing SPI Read(), Write(), & ReadWrite() commands? Or will I need to change to single byte transfers, with a wait() in between each? Thanks, Alex
  2. Hi, I am working with an I2C - SPI bridge chip. I'd like to use a script to send I2C commands/data to it, and then read the SPI data it produces, and compare it with the original I2C data. The I2C data is completely received by the bridge before any SPI data is sent. Is this possible? I do have a simple script that sends data to the bridge, and a logic analyzer window properly captures the SPI response. Any guidance on reading in the SPI MOSI data shown is appreciated! Thanks, Alex
  3. Hi @attila Thank you for the quick response & fix. It works perfectly! Best Regards, alexpeck
  4. Device: Analog Discovery 2 Software: Waveforms 3.10.9 & 3.11.24 (beta) Host OS: Windows 10 Hi, I have created a script that writes various sized I2C buffers to custom HW, and then reads the response. The response size also varies. It works correctly for small buffer sizes of up to 8 bytes. When buffers larger than 8 bytes are received and displayed via print(), the data displayed repeats periodically, each time growing 9 bytes longer. The repeated data looks correct, though it is truncated. The number of bytes received always appears to be correct. I