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  1. Few more gotchas. At lease with my PC I need to download Visual Studio 2013 rather than 2015, I also needed to rename all the files in the .zip to ZedBoard rather than Zybo, finally I needed to edit main.c to change the wireless internet address to my my wireless server IP address.
  2. Josh, success at last! Your new instructions are missing one line, other than that works great /liam: sudo rsync -a files/server_script /etc/init.d/server_script
  3. Josh, I checked the version of Ubuntu that will be loaded onto Zybo SD card in the new instructions and it is the same version 20120923-436 as I have today, the new Fedora dual boot (as opposed to the Ubunto dual boot I have on my PC today) doesn't look like it will change what I see when I boot the Zybo board in terms of WiFi support, am I missing something?
  4. Thanks Josh, I will go in that direction. /liam
  5. Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for the reply. The USB wireless seems fine,(I did disconnect and reconnect, wlan0 is present but no IP address) the issue is connecting it to my home network and then programming the network password (I assume I need it on my home network to view the video over Firefox). The Ubuntu distribution seems to be missing some of the Network Manager software (for example no drop down menu that allows you to connect and set the password, runningnm-applet gives errors). How did you connect for the prototype, iwconfig? /liam
  6. I am building the Zybot, I have loaded Ubuntu onto the Zybo and completed all the steps in the Server setup , however I cant get the WiFi to work. I am able to get the same USB WiFi enabled on my PC which also has Ubuntu and can connect to my home network (wireless icon visible in top right on PC, USB WiFi works great). I have tried running nm-applet but get a bunch of error messages. The OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.