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  1. Hi. I am in need of information on which board to use for data acquisition of an electrochemical sensor. I'm using the amperometry technique. The sensor provides an electrical current signal in the range of 20 nanoAmperes up to 8 microAmperes. What kind of data acquisition board would you recommend me? How to read current signals so low? Thank you.
  2. Please, I need information about pModIA impedance analyser. I am using Arduino UNO connected to a pModIA to measure impedance. The Arduino codes work with some modifications of ChipKIT example. My question is how to do the calibration? Could someone send me a picture or schetch showing how to make pModIA connections to the component under test (DUT)? My project is very simple, I just want to measure the impedance of a fixed resistor at different frequencies. I'm having difficulty in understanding the connections and using the pModIA to measure this impedance. The pModIA manuals show no illustration of how to make the connections. For example, I will use only one SMA connector or, simultaneously, both connectors? I need a step by step tutorial. Someone could help me? Thank you.
  3. Please, I need informations about how to physically connect PModIA to the circuit for impedance measurement. Can someone send-me a schematics? Thanks.
  4. Please, I need informations about how to use, setup, connect, calibrate and configure the PModIA Impedance Analyser in an Arduino Leonardo board. Is there a video tutorial?