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  1. @zygot @[email protected] Thank you very much for your clarifications. I've got lot of information that I wasn't even aware of and that I've never found anywhere. I see that interfacing high speed ADCs (> 100MSPS) isn't as easy as I imagined it when using LVDS. I believe that I have to forget about it and go for parallel DDR as I can't afford those expensive boards.
  2. I'm not interested in any particular connector, anyone offering length matched pairs will do it.
  3. Actually I'm asking this question because I need to interface with high speed ADC via LVDS. If I'm not wrong, length matched pairs are mandatory.
  4. Hi vincentiu I appreciate your help. What about the Arty A7, Arty Z7 and Zybo Z7? Thanks
  5. Hello I would like to know if the GPIOs in Digilent boards are length matched. Thanks