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  1. Thanks @attila for the professional support! Can we just give it a last shot on the reprogramming before I go for the replacement? I hope miracle happens or maybe it just works... Thanks and look forward to your directions! DT
  2. Hi @attila Thanks for the directions. The LED blink once when powered on. The device either detected by Waveforms with gibberish or sometimes not detected at all... I can borrow a JTAG programming cable from my friends, please kindly advise the required cable name(Xilinx or Digilent?) and could you please kindly teach me how to reprogram with JTAG cable? If the last resort doesn't work, I hope I can get a replacement... Thx in advance! DT
  3. Hi @attila, Thanks for the reply! I believe myself and my friend switched ADP between Linux Mode and PC slave mode for quite a lot times(including update to the latest Linux Firmware that Digilent provided), unexpected power down might be the reason for this issue? I switched off the power supply and then connect back after several minutes according to your instructions, I clicked the boot option in Waveforms in order to recover the device, however, it failed, when I clicked the boot option again, it automatically select the last option which is "other 0x49", I clicked "Apply &a
  4. Hey digilent community, I've been using the ADP3450 for a while, the device experienced unexpected power down and Waveforms starting to show gibberish... please check the pictures here: I also tried to update the firmware via waveforms, however, error occurs... Anything I can do to fix this? or make the device back to original state? Thx DT