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  1. Hey @JColvin, I have tried all three available options for the resolution, giving the same result. I have also tried changing all the possible options like the image format, liquid lens focus, gamma correction, AWB and even though the zybo does not not spit out any errors, the result does not change. The screen does not even blink when I change these values, while if I change the resolution it does seem to re-adjust the timings properly, so that I receive the properly sized image, yet it consists only of noise. For example, for the first resolution option (1920x720 60fps) the
  2. Hello, I have been trying for a while to run this PCAM example that is provided by Digilent on a Zybo z7-10 board: After spending significant amount of time looking for solutions, I have managed to fit the design on to the board (the initial example is for a zybo z7-20) by turning off the Debug module on the MIPI CSI-2 receiver module. I have successfully exported the hardware and managed to run the provided C++ code. Even though I am able to communicate with the camera module via UART, I can not seem to acquire any