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    cbg reacted to cristian.ignat in How To Program The Quad-spi Flash On The Basys3.   
    You can program the SPI memory using .bin file following the steps:
    1. Open "Bitstream Settings", check "-bin_file*" checkbox and click OK.
    2. Click on "Generate Bitstream" to generate your bit and bin file.
    3. Open "Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> Open New Target..."
    4. Add your memory. For this, right click on device (xc7a35t_0) -> Add Configuration Memory Device -> write on Search "S25FL032" -> click OK
    5. Right click on the flash memory -> Program Configuration Memory Device -> add configuration file (.bin file) -> click OK
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    cbg reacted to mwingerson in Nexys 4 PMOD spacing   
    I am unaware of a mechanical drawing for this board.  So the best I can do it grab some calipers.
    The headers are 100 mil spaced and the distance between pin 1 of each header is 23mm.
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    cbg reacted to JColvin in Nexys4-ddr Resource Center Updates?   
    Here is a link to a "beta" version of the project at this dropbox link.  From what I understand, it is a working project that just needs a little more work in terms of explanations about timing constraints.  There are also some notes about the project that I was told to pass on: