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  1. Hi, I've been having this problem since I got the board and finally decided I want to get rid of it. I'm using a Nexys4 DDR Board and have downloaded the XDC file from the board website. In my projects I've got the board selected in my project settings as you can see. Nevertheless I always get these warnings which are really annoying. They are stating some completely different board and I've got no idea where they are coming from. Does anybody know how to get rid of them? By the way, at the Power tab at Project Summary window it always shows my confidence level as Low. I assume thats because m
  2. cbg

    Nexys 4 PMOD spacing

    Yeah Pin1 to Pin1 I measured 900 mil (22.86 mm) on the picture. I assume that the parts were placed on a 100 mil grid so it should be fine. Thanks for measuring the distance!
  3. cbg

    Nexys 4 PMOD spacing

    Any news regarding this?
  4. cbg

    Nexys 4 PMOD spacing

    I measured 400 mil between the connectors (pad centre to pad centre distance) on a top down product picture. Can anybody confirm this?
  5. cbg

    Nexys 4 PMOD spacing

    Hello, I'm designing an adapter PCB to interface with the three PMOD connectors on the right hand side of the Nexys 4 (JADC, JC, JD). I can only find a schematic but in order to have the correct spacing between the connectors I would need a board file or a CAD file or the like. The reference manual doesn't have any measurements either. Has anybody got the measurements or a file where I could read them? Thanks in advance!