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  1. With this thread I was able to program cmod a7-35 using the provided project. Thanks for the excellent example.
  2. This example works with CMOD A7-35. Thanks for the excellent example as I have been struggling to start from sdk with quad SPI flash programming. I noticed that spi clk is 50 MHz, instead of 100 MHz from the system. Any reason for that or it is ok to drive SPI clock at 100 MHz?
  3. Hello I added quad-spi unit to A7-35 OOB project and followed the instruction to enable quad spi. Afterwards, I exported the hardware to sdk. I followed the instruction in add bootloader project and hello world project. I added xilisf version 5.2 (downloaded from xilinx answer https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/64238.html) after change BSP serial flash memory family to value 5, I encountered the following error Any idea how to fix it? Thank you very much
  4. Thank you for your very prompt response. I changed the cable and was able to program it properly.
  5. I encountered this error in quad spi flash write. any idea what is wrong? Thank you
  6. I power cycled PC/FPGA a few times and finally got hw_server back.
  7. Hello I tried to program my CMOD A7 through quad spi flash. Somehow the process failed (sorry that I didn't get a screenshot). When I power cycle my FPGA and PC, I can't detect hardware server in Vivado. Does this mean my A7 is bricked? Is there a way to keep using it? Thank you