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  1. Does this "DWF PS Read Output (VI)" supporting current measurement with AD2 instrument, I only see 0,2A fixed at any load?
  2. Hi guys, I just do some labview exercises on the "Digilent_WaveForms_Analog Discovery 2 Power Supplies (PS).vi" and want to know if its possible to get actual current value of power supply? Is there any reading by internal controller? many thanks in advance!
  3. HI @attila ok thanks, is it possible to program a connection check or reconnection loop via script? Or has anybody programmed some labview application with no connection issue? Do you think with 1/second it will run over long term, I don't need a high sampling?
  4. I have tried several sample rates, even when I set 2s/200Hz and buffer 1 connection will fail. Would be great if you test this or even faster sampling on your obviously stable setup, Thanks!
  5. Hi Attila, thanks for the reply, I have tested now with USB 3.0 hub (Anker 7-Port) and connection failes anyway after some hours, I doublechecked with 2nd setup (RPI4 and AD2) and same failure. how is your setup in waveform, did you run a trigger over days or just run scope? can you open logic register, add all 16 channels and set trigger for all in long term? BR Florian
  6. Hi, I have done lots of testing, after >one day triggering logic signals with low sample rate connection fails. Also when I just trigger one channel, so I guess its not a thing of to many data. What I already tried is: - different external power supplies (1-3Amps) - change from USB3.0 to USB2.0 port ( in the beginning it seemed that's stable but...) - operation without keyboard and mouse load For me it looks like there is still some problem in HW, may USB of RPI is not fully USB compliance, I will go on with testing... could you do some long t
  7. Hey guys it was announced that with the new RPi 4 the connection problems with AD2 where solved, but it still seems not stable ERC: 0x2. Any suggestion how to improve setup? Power supply is 5V/3A and AS2 is connected to USB 3.0 port. Linux version 4.19.75-v7l+ / Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l BR
  8. hey guys has any body ever tried a Banana Pi M2 Berry + AD2? BR Flo
  9. How many Analoge Discovery 2 instruments can be connected and controlled to one PC via WaveForms? What is the max number of units? Is it possible to use/display 32 digital channel in parallel setup in waveform? Would be happy for a positive reply, thanks in advance! Br Flo