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  1. HI @attila ok thanks, is it possible to program a connection check or reconnection loop via script? Or has anybody programmed some labview application with no connection issue? Do you think with 1/second it will run over long term, I don't need a high sampling?
  2. I have tried several sample rates, even when I set 2s/200Hz and buffer 1 connection will fail. Would be great if you test this or even faster sampling on your obviously stable setup, Thanks!
  3. Hi Attila, thanks for the reply, I have tested now with USB 3.0 hub (Anker 7-Port) and connection failes anyway after some hours, I doublechecked with 2nd setup (RPI4 and AD2) and same failure. how is your setup in waveform, did you run a trigger over days or just run scope? can you open logic register, add all 16 channels and set trigger for all in long term? BR Florian
  4. Hi, I have done lots of testing, after >one day triggering logic signals with low sample rate connection fails. Also when I just trigger one channel, so I guess its not a thing of to many data. What I already tried is: - different external power supplies (1-3Amps) - change from USB3.0 to USB2.0 port ( in the beginning it seemed that's stable but...) - operation without keyboard and mouse load For me it looks like there is still some problem in HW, may USB of RPI is not fully USB compliance, I will go on with testing... could you do some long term test? BR Florian
  5. Hey guys it was announced that with the new RPi 4 the connection problems with AD2 where solved, but it still seems not stable ERC: 0x2. Any suggestion how to improve setup? Power supply is 5V/3A and AS2 is connected to USB 3.0 port. Linux version 4.19.75-v7l+ / Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l BR
  6. hey guys has any body ever tried a Banana Pi M2 Berry + AD2? BR Flo
  7. How many Analoge Discovery 2 instruments can be connected and controlled to one PC via WaveForms? What is the max number of units? Is it possible to use/display 32 digital channel in parallel setup in waveform? Would be happy for a positive reply, thanks in advance! Br Flo