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  1. Hi JColvin, Thanks for the response, I ran through the tutorial and my issue is that block automation is not appearing when I input the Memory Interface Generator, hence why I clicked on it. Would you have any advice on this matter, alternatively is it essential to the setup of the echo server? Regards, Luke Abela
  2. Good day, I am currently attempting to set up an ethernet configuration on the Nexys 4 DDR FPGA and was doing so by following this link: However, my issue arose with the Memory Interface Generator IP. The version of Vivado used for this tutorial was a 2015 edition, my edition is 2018.2. Since the 2015 edition, the run block automation option for the Memory interface generator IP is no longer available, and the page displayed below loads. I viewed the Xilinx tutorial on this generator, however, I have not been able to achieve the same pinouts as are displayed in the tutorial I was following. Could someone kindly advise a course of action? Thank for your time, Regards, Luke Abela