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  1. Taras

    Firmware via Android

    Hi @JColvin, actually may be you could help us, what we have found it is this sdk for usb jtag https://github.com/AlexWillisson/soc/tree/master/digilent.adept.sdk_2.0.1, but this sdk is based on dll files, mean for windows, so what need it djtg code to be converted to "so" library for Android, I just though if you have and be able give us code c++ of djtg.DLL, we will be able to convert it for Android? thanks for support
  2. Taras

    Firmware via Android

    Hey @jpeyron, thanks for answer, we have custom board with Spartan 6 FPGA, so ideal for us to be able update firmware via usb jtag digilent cable & Android app, right now we are very looking for ways to do it, if you could help me, I will be very happy Thank you, Taras
  3. Taras

    Firmware via Android

    Hello, we are looking for help to write our FW on Spartan6 via USB port & Android app, our tablet have USB type A standard ports, also type C port. We need to write it like we do from Windows Impact software, can someone help us with that? thanks :)