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  1. @pax0n Thanks pax0n. For the comment. This is really stressful and it is making my hair thinner by the minute... ...if only I could loose weight in the same way.
  2. @Jcorvin. Thanks for the help. I have a laptop running Windows 10 with Labview home edition and Linx 3.0 installed. The target is a RP 3 B+. I am trying to run the LED simple sample program, and I cannot go past the connection phase.
  3. I am using a Windows 10 laptop to connect to a Raspberry PI 3 B+ (Raspbian OS) with LINX. I have managed to connect to the Target, but once connected, I try to install Labview but I always get the following message: " Installation failed. If this is the first time the installation has failed try again. If this error persists search, then post on the LabVIEW MakerHub forumsat Target configuration updated." LOG: Connecting to target... Successfully connected to target. Successfully connected to the target. Target configuration updated. OS
  4. Managed to connect the laptop (windows 10) using LINX to the Raspberry PI 3B+ (Raspbian), but whenever I try to install Labview (2014 Home edition) to it, it fails. Worse, the Raspberry PI's also looses its ability to connect the internet with the WiFi Lan and cannot set it up, having to re-install the Raspbian again. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.