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  1. @hamster, thanks for reply and problem solved, yet in another way The vhdl file is in a block design, so vivado cannot identify my verilog module directly. I'm doing package works now.
  2. i checked at very first and found no spelling mistake, so it's confusing now. and here are the codes.
  3. I'm trying to put my own verilog module into official nexys video hdmi demo, but vivado 2016.4 keeps telling me "missing design sources" and reports error for implementation. I did as Xilinx says, declared a VHDL component then used named association to instantiate, is it better to declare an entity? EDIT: Verilog module(originally a testbench for another project): module testoverlay_0( input wire rst_n, input wire clk, output reg[23:0] RGBOut, out