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  1. Everything for the Arty z7 seems to be 2 years old and will not work with any of the last two major releases from Xilinx. (SDSoc, Petalinux..etc). Do I understand this correctly after wasting two days trying to get something to work?
  2. Was there any progress on this? I'm getting a warning and then errors building petalinux with 2017.4 using 2019.1 PetaSDK. I'm trying to avoid going back multiple years in the tool chain.. or something else is wrong? Related post of mine with screen dump:
  3. Total noob here trying to get Petalinux to build.. I followed all the steps.. got it all installed.. but get a warning of a version mismatch between the SDK tool and the BSP file (I think) Surly I can't be expected to install an old tool chain to use the Digilent BSP file. What are my next steps here? Can I build a new BSP? how? Is this even the issue? Here is the screen dump: [email protected]:~/PetaLinux$ petalinux-create -t project -n Testz7 -s ./Petalinux-Arty-Z7-20-2017.4-1.bsp INFO: Create project: Testz7 INFO: New project successfully created in /home/andrew/PetaLi