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  1. Hello, tcmichals. You are indeed right that this is supposed to work. This is probably an issue with the compiler. Can you try one of the following options? dynamically allocate an instance of the class using the `new` keyword instantiate the class in a non-global context (although I do understand that's what you want) initialize the class member in the declaration itself (although this is probably just a semantic change)
  2. Hello, shantaramj. You can find a guide on how to take pictures from the camera here. For displaying over HDMI from Linux, you'll probably need to drive the framebuffer manually. Cosmin.
  3. Hello, shantaramj. The 2017.4 project cannot be ported to 2019.1 with ease. We're working on a version upgrade. If you can get the Vivado project working from scratch, there is an issue with the OV5640 sensor (the camera used in the Pcam PMOD) in the 2019.1 kernel which results in bad images. You can solve this by reverting commit 2080cccbb622912d15ad727e98349cc971192952 ("media: ov5640: Fix timings setup code"). Cosmin.
  4. Hello, malkauns. We built a small set of tools some time ago to handle dynamic generation and loading of bitstream files. Check it out at Cosmin.
  5. Hello Frankly and welcome to our forum. Here are 2 patches that can be applied on top of a Petalinux 2019.1 project to allow reading the OTP MAC and configure it to do so. You can try applying them on 2018.2. Message us back if you have any issues. Cosmin 0001-Z7-20-allow-reading-MAC-address-from-OTP.patch 0002-Z7-20-use-OTP-MAC.patch