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  1. This is the best reference I can find of how to make use of the rms value once it is measured. This is for the relation of dBm/Hz in 50 Ohms and nV/Root Hz in 50 Ohms. My suspicion is that this may not be easily supported by "waves" at this time. If the feature were available, the AD2 with WAVE GUI/SW would probably find even more homes.
  2. Please see attached app notes. Full from Agilent. Partial from Renesas (based on attachment memory size). This will explain the application and test setup better. The AD2 is at the end of the signal chain.
  3. renesas_an1560_making_noise_measurements_pgs_1-3.pdfI have a noise test setup that is measuring the en noise of jfets and is gaining it by 1000x to the AD2. What tools exist in the AD2 - likely either scope with FFT or the SA where I can get reported the rms voltage value over frequency and the number of samples taken for the RMS. I don't want pk-pk as it requires more work and samples to be meaningful to the analog circuit designer - me. Please provide a best practice method as I am struggling at this time. An alternate can be to move to another piece of test equipment if this isn't an intended feature of the AD2. Thanks, Tim agilent_nz_5989-9087EN.pdf