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  1. Hello @attila , Thank you for the response. If the AD2 does not have a timeout, then it must be something wrong with the software I have written. During one of the tests, I made sure to use the computer in question throughout the duration of the software run (so it would not go to sleep/suspend) and it still ended/froze at 250 minutes. I just guessed that it could be a timeout because all four runs that I have data for froze at 248-250 minutes, which seemed oddly consistent to me. Thank you for the timely answer.
  2. Hello, I am working on a project that uses the Analog Discovery 2 to measure the response of a DUT over a long period (hours or days). I am working in LabVIEW and have been building this project using the foundation provided in the LabVIEW project shared here. It uses both the Waveform Generator functionality to apply a signal and the Scope functionality to measure the response. Currently, I am running into a problem where my code stops working after 250 minutes. It seems to be very consistent. I and another have replicated the issue using multiple AD2 devices, multiple PCs, and both the LabVIEW source code as well as compiled into an executable. I have used LabVIEW to do profiling on the memory usage and such of the application and I do not believe I have a memory leak eating away at the PC. Also, the timeout is very repeatable to 250 minutes. The log files always end after that amount of time has passed. Is it possible that the AD2 session has a timeout built into it somehow? If so, how do I reset the AD2 before the timeout occurs? I looked through the SDK and did not find a function call that appeared to be the obvious one to use. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.