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  1. Hello Jon! thank you for replying. I was able to read the status register having the temperature result by setting the address to 00h (I saw that in the register space in the manual). However, I have a conceptual question: Does using the DRP as an interface mean any delay in fetching the results? I would need a real time monitor of the temperature, and the application to be developed later on cannot tolerate any delays... So is the DRP the best way to achieve real time monitoring?
  2. Hello, I am kind of new to FPGAs and I am trying to use the XADC in order to monitor the temperature sensor: I am using Vivado 2018.2, Nexys video as a board. I used the IP catalog in order to set up the XADC as following: DRP, Single channel, continuous, disable all alarms, disable reset_in, channel to monitor: temperature I wrote a top level module which reads the bits 4 up to 7 from do_out and light up LEDs accordingly: //part of the top module: module top( input CLK100MHZ, input vp_in, input vn_in, input [1:0] sw, output reg [11:0] LE